About Purpose & Company

Purpose & Co is a global network organization providing training, coaching and consultancy in the field of human and organization development. Our mission is to democratize Purpose and bring sustainable personal and professional growth to individuals, teams and organizations.

What we believe in

As a team of coaches and trainers with decades of corporate and leadership experience, we principally see our work as similar to those of sports coaches and architects. We curate and cultivate excellence. Our activity resembles that of an architect because human development is requires building something together with the client. We need a solid foundation, appropriate technology and time to complete our creation; the result  endures, and is both tangible and visible.

The members of our company have all achieved significant success and have built international careers as leaders. Driven by an inner desire to share our knowledge, we were inspired to look for ways to help others. We identify ourselves as not only experts, advisors, coaches and trainers, but also creative partners. When we were young, we experienced difficult decision-making situations and assignments that made us realize how useful it would be to receive an unbiased view of the case from someone impartial, outside the organization.

In our approach the effective coach and trainer is not a magician providing ready to use solutions from a well compiled magic box, but someone that understands the actual situation and is ready to work together with the client until the appropriate solution is born. The solution can be a complex leadership program or a development strategy, or sales training bringing measurable results.

The old model of quick hit two day trainings has lost it’s appeal to a new generation of leaders seeking sustainability and inspiration – with a desire to learn skills that can be integrated into their network of professional and personal. Everything is about implementation, about how learned skills and knowledge are connected to business processes and performance management.

What we create together will be unique, taking into consideration the best practices on the market, and mobilizing the resources of the client to ensure its implementation in the everyday routine. We believe that miracles can only be achieved together

Our Ethos

We value Profit as the “blood of any business” and choose openness, diversity and change over closure, intolerance and building the walls that separate us. We all have built various walls in our lives. One such imaginary wall is the one that separates our private and business self. No such walls exist; we are the same in both domains of our lives. Any leadership development therefore starts with self-awareness and discovery of your unique gifts as well as your wounds. Only people who have understood their vulnerability and their unique superpowers and talents can lead with charisma.

The second such wall is between Science and Business. We are part of the same system. If business does not take into account what neuroscience discovers about the human brain in terms of well-being and motivation, and if business pretends not to know about global warming, sooner than later all the millions business can make won’t preserve an evolving future for our children.  Only leaders who understand how the human brain works and its implications for motivation, learning and resilience can be inspirational over a sustainable period of time.

Finally, the third imaginary wall is between Art and Business, the illusion that somehow doing right, creating beauty and doing good for others is a separate world from our normal life. It is part of charity, PR and marketing, a luxury we do on weekends or when we reach insane levels of wealth to free us from daily concerns.

We believe that only leaders who care about sustainable well-being can be effective in leading teams to exceptional results. You are one human being with a professional and private identity. Your Best Self includes both and in order to be in your Zone of Genius you need to integrate Beauty, Meaning, Professional Knowledge and your Senses (in life to really succeed- cut). We use Neuroscience, Art/Being and Business tools to help you find your Leadership Identity which will elevate you to a new normal.