About Purpose & Company

Purpose & Co is a global network organization providing training, coaching and consultancy in the field of human and organization development. Our mission is to democratize Purpose and bring sustainable personal and professional growth to individuals, teams and organizations.

What we believe in

As a team of coaches and trainers with several years of corporate and leadership experience, we principally see our work similar to those of sports coaches and architects. What we do similarly to sports coaching is attempting to get the best out of those we work with; and our activity resembles that of architects because human development is like building something together with the client. We need a good foundation, appropriate technology and time to complete our creation. But then the result is enduring, tangible and visible.

Formerly we all achieved significant success and built international careers as leaders. Then, driven by an inner desire to share our knowledge, we started to look for ways to help others. However, we are not only experts, advisors, coaches and trainers, but also creative partners. When we were young, we experienced difficult decision-making situations and assignments that made us realize how useful it would be to receive an unbiased view of the case from someone impartial, outside the organization.

In our approach the good coach and trainer is not a magician providing ready to use solutions from a well compiled magic box, but someone that understand the actual situation and is ready to work together with the client until the appropriate solution is born. The solution can be a complex leadership program or a development strategy, or sales training bringing measurable results.

Those days are over when it was enough to make a 2 day training after which the trainer leaves and lets the client decide how much will be applied in real life. Everything is about implementation, about how learned skills and knowledge are connected to business processes and performance management.

What we create together will be unique, taking into consideration the best practices on the market, and mobilizing the resources of the client to ensure its implementation in the everyday routine. Because we believe that miracles can only be achieved together.

Our Values

TO THE POINT implies SIMPLICITY. Clear and focused communication which reflects what we stand for as a company.

Just as a prism refracts white light to generate a spectrum of colors, we hold up a mirror to ourselves and our clients, and accept that perceptions are reality. This may require tough messages – tough on you, tough on us, every time.

TO THE POINT also implies PRAGMATISM. Businesses need results and practical solutions, and we facilitate your learning and your change via a pragmatic approach that always focuses on?? delivering you results.

Our corporate, business and leadership experience helps us better understand and meet your needs.

We ensure that we understand your needs and advise you on the best ways meet them. This may mean challenging you and the assignment you give us to get more effective results. Besides challenging you, we also continuously challenge ourselves to exceed your expectations.

We believe in developing long-term relationships so that we understand you and your business better to deliver superior performance. Transferring skills for long-term capability is important to us.

We take time to think about who we are, our strengths and weaknesses, our drives and personalities, our habits and values. Self-awareness improves our judgment and helps us identify opportunities for our continuous professional development and personal growth.