Are you Guilty of Corporate Anorexia?

anorexia-4Many corporations I worked with recently seemed to have fallen victim to corporate anorexia. Corporate Anorexia is cutting resources back to the bone with the noble aim of increasing efficiency of the organization. The result unfortunately seems to be lower internal and external customer satisfaction, missed opportunities due to lack of appropriate resources and higher attrition combined with lower job satisfaction.  This is because most companies have responded with ever green solution recipe to the crisis: cut costs and kill all redundancies in the organization. However, every research into successful business and leadership practices seems to indicate that the new key ingredient which makes a company successful is a combination of mental and organizational agility. If you want to anticipate weak signals early in order to identify opportunities you will need a flexibility of resources and a more project based flexible organization that will be able seize those opportunities. It is Time to Refocus Leadership and Management on Promoting Change and Values and Achieving Great Results via Anticipating New Directions…

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