Our approach

Leading yourself and leading others are not the same thing. First you must be able to lead yourself before you can effectively lead others. Leading an organization is particularly demanding, and requires an additional set of competencies and skills.

We believe in Leadership with a coaching mentality and this is the basis of our leadership development services. Leadership is all about relationships; everyone is a leader to someone. However what leaders need are followers. Coaching is leading; it is the most powerful form of leadership you can practice. Leaders with the proper coaching skills can not only motivate their people but also and work with both bosses and peers in a manner that reduces friction and enhances productivity.

We believe Leadership development is a highly complex area, therefore we believe in development processes rather than 2-3 day training programs.
But to turn complexity into simplicity, our personal corporate and executive experience shows, that Leadership starts with doing simple things on a regular basis – like brushing your teeth every morning. This is what we call a Leadership Best Practice. Some of these practices (behaviors) are general, some are characteristic to the company, depending on their corporate Vision, Mission and Values (culture).
We design and deliver leadership development programs primarily for middle and top-range executives. Working closely with the Leadership Team from top down we help develop an organizational culture where Leadership Best Practice is part of the DNA.

Using a variety of methodologies, we work collaboratively to deliver the program in a way that helps leaders and managers of the organization to develop leadership habits they can practice in their everyday work. During our process the participants get to know their competency level, become inspired to change, receive the necessary skills tailored to their needs both in terms of content and methodology, and in the follow-up stage we also help them integrate the knowledge they have acquired into practice and follow the process.

Our solutions

Leadership competencies

  • Developing and setting up leadership competency models
  • Assessment of leadership competencies
    • Leadership360: A 360 degree leadership survey
    • PCM® Executive Profile: Your Executive Personality profile analysis with Process Communication


  • Executive coaching
  • Executive skills development coaching
  • Performance coaching
  • Team coaching

Leadership training

  • “4E” Leadership Academy
  • The Leader as Coach – Coaching skills training
  • Skill trainings for improving personal leadership efficiency and for development of basic leadership skills

Executive team development
Complex programs with workshop, training, team coaching

  • Leadership Best Practice / setting up a unified leadership practice in the organization
  • Development of the executive team in a well defined area
  • Management team building