Higher Purpose Based Leadership

Traditional learning and development programs put people through a series of experiences and expect behavioral changes.  We go “Inside-out” in the sense that we initially get the delegates to take control of their Higher Purpose and develop their own Competitive Edge. As a next step, we equip them with a set of highly effective tools and models that ensure not only that they understand, and are in an effective mindset, but that they also can embody that mindset; and for our more advanced training, embody their Higher Purpose under the duress of discomfort.

Our approach integrates state of the art Science and Social awareness tools along with our own IP, to assure sustainable achievement. As an employer you expect best efforts and top performance.

  • Is your aim to keep your leaders and staff Highly Motivated and Engaged?
  • Do you yearn for the key talents, team or organization in order to arrive at the Next Level?
  • How do you move from reactivity and uncertainty avoidance to proactivity and innovation?
  • Once you’ve trimmed the waste, are you positioned to sustain growth in the new model?

Answers, solutions, sustainability exists. Social and Neuroscience, sports and performance training, research on geniuses such as Mozart and Einstein, Federer and Buffet reveal the evidence behind the mystery.

We train you to become a corporate athlete. All of these tools are applicable in both a private life and business context. By allowing people to grow in both of those areas we can motivate them exponentially compared to a more traditional training context.

Our approach

Leading yourself and leading others are not the same thing. First you must be able to lead yourself before you can effectively lead others. Leading an organization is particularly demanding, and requires an additional set of competencies and skills.

Our learning process in based on the notion of the NEW DEAL™. We teach leaders to Discover their personal higher Purpose, how to find their voice, speak and Embody it in every day contexts at work and in life, Achieve exceptional results in key contexts like performance management, building high performance teams or as an influencer in key negotiation moments all while teaching how to make this Last. A Lasting Legacy is key. Any results are only meaningful if they are sustainable and we all want to leave this world in a better place that we came into it…

That’s the New D.E.A.L.™ process.


THE NEW D.E.A.L™:  Formula

Discover your mission + Embody it without limitation + Achieve alignment + Lasting Results = On Purpose

Using a variety of methodologies, we work collaboratively to deliver the program in a way that helps leaders and managers of the organization to develop leadership habits they can practice in their everyday work. During our process the participants get to know their competency level, become inspired to change, receive the necessary skills tailored to their needs both in terms of content and methodology, and in the follow-up stage we also help them integrate the knowledge they have acquired into practice and follow the process.

Our solutions

Leadership competencies

  • Developing and setting up leadership competency models
  • Assessment of leadership competencies
    • Leadership360: A 360 degree leadership survey
    • PCM® Executive Profile: Your Executive Personality profile analysis with Process Communication


  • Executive coaching
  • Executive skills development coaching
  • Performance coaching
  • Team coaching

Leadership training

  • Leadership Academy
  • The Leader as Coach – Coaching skills training
  • Skill trainings for improving personal leadership efficiency and for development of basic leadership skills

Executive team development
Complex programs with workshop, training, team coaching

  • Leadership Best Practice / setting up a unified leadership practice in the organization
  • Development of the executive team in a well defined area
  • Management team building