Rólunk mondták

We selected Miklós and his team due to the fact they have unique insights, tools and methodologies in the area of sophisticated B2B sales development which set them apart from other training and coaching companies and consultants.

We are impressed with how positively our team reacted to Miklós’s program, especially because a key purpose of the program was to re-energize and motivate people in a very difficult environment. Miklós’s personal attention and project management is effective, clear and contains several astute insights which have allowed me and my team to focus our efforts for maximum impact.  Miklós and his trainers were consistently rated highly in terms of delegate satisfaction.

I recommend their work to any business aiming to execute large scale sales development projects.

Balassy Laszló Miklós

Fomer Deputy CEO, MKB bank

We have been impressed with the high quality of service and professionalism of the Advantage Group team. We have also been very satisfied by the one-stop-stop project management provided Miklós A. Fehér.  His dedication and professional experience as a sales leader and executive managing a team of consultants have been essential to the success of this program. Based on the results above we intend to continue the Sales Effectiveness program in the future as well. We highly recommend the services of Advantage group to other businesses facing sales effectiveness challenges as well.

Rana K. Jagresh


I have been working with Miklós Fehér and his team of consultants at Advantage Group for over 4 years now. We have worked with the regarding a wide spectrum of projects ranging from assessment to managerial and sales skill development. We have been extremely impressed with professionalism of the entire team. It seems to me that Advantage Group and Miklós is bringing a new approach to training and coaching services that helps us achieve a breakthrough in terms of getting the best performance out of our managerial teams. They have brought in new and innovative solutions that address the beliefs systems that effect people’s ability to access the learned skills and methods. It is my pleasure to endorse them and recommend them to other businesses that face complex challenges in the area of motivation, management and sales effectiveness. We have every intention to continue working with Advantage Group over the next coming years.

Gábor Mayer

Sales Director and Country Leader, Mondelez

I have worked with Miklós Fehér and his team of consultants for a period of two years within the frame of a complex sales effectiveness program across 4 countries.

I have been impressed with two things in particular. Firstly, the executive managerial capabilities of Miklós as he was steering a group of consultants to deliver a seamlessly high quality of service across the countries. Secondly, the fact that they bought in and applied top of the class learning solutions which represented the latest thinking in the market. All this was embedded in a long-term process which engaged and involved several layers of management from top to bottom aiming at long term sustainability of the positive effects the program achieved. We have seen some measurable improvements in both sales results and employee engagement. I highly recommend him and his team other businesses and would consider working with them in the future as well.

Remi Bastien

CEO, Limagrain Europe

We have been using the services of Advantage Group since 2010 in the area of Sales Effectiveness and Leadership development.

We have been impressed with the high level of quality and dedication to achieving sustainable behavioral change. We see Advantage Group as an important partner for keeping up the motivation of our staff and developing their sales and management skills. Throughout these years we have seennew and unique professional solutions applied – it is was obvious that they invest into research and bring on new levels of depth so that they manage to impact on both the mindset and everyday activities of those who they train.

We have been impressed with Miklós and his team of trainers and intend to use their services in the next coming years.

Tibor Bodor

Head of Corporate Clients Europe, ING Bank