Sales With Higher Purpose

Salespeople, like every other human, are constantly sending signals. The reason why the combination of Purpose and Embodiment is such a change agent is because we are constantly embodying some purpose in the room. But what is it? Is it your intended purpose? Are you crystal clear on your intended purpose as you enter any interaction or conflict?

Imagine you are standing in front of an audience to present or about to go into an important meeting  – are you clear on what your Purpose is? Do you think, “Sure, of course, my job is to sell xyz.” Or, “Sure, my purpose is to explain my point or the subject matter.” If you think this or anything related to this you are like the actor walking out on stage that says,”yeah, my purpose is to give a good performance.” And if you think that, you will indeed “give a good performance,” “ explain the subject matter,” “sell xyz.” This is not for compelling sales people. What you will embody is a human constantly begging for acceptance (like in the child dynamic) as opposed to a human revealing the pathway to a solution – a solution which will inspire and sustain an improved version of themselves, the team and the organization.

Do you have the sense that you can “always” be in your Zone of Genius? That you can “always” operate from a position of strength, from the position of your Purpose? How can you create a scenario which elicits the most information and expresses the most information to create the best results?  Compelling sales people are precise and intentional, communicate always through their particular and unique Zone of Genius, fueled by their Higher Purpose and embodied in every action taken and spoken.

Imagine the next time you present, your Purpose has nothing to do with a specific circumstance or product or performance. Imagine you are there to embody fully and specifically your Higher Purpose and your body is there simply as a conduit of that Purpose, the subject matter is simply the soup of the day and your fear or expectations are not relevant because they are not based on present information and therefore not able to be embodied anyway. Imagine you had a way to discover, achieve, embody and last in such an experience, time after time.

How to Make It Stick?

Procoach™ is a world-class, trademarked and accredited performance coaching program delivered not only in the training room, but directly to people in the workplace.

Since 2006 our company represents Prosell – a UK headquartered International Performance Improvement Specialist company with over 20 years of global experience in its field and offers the ProCoach™ program to clients to improve their sales or client service performance in a measurable and efficient way.

Procoach™ focuses on developing managers, supervisors and team leaders. Procoach™ embeds consistent behaviours in the people that independent research has shown have the greatest impact on your business performance – your front-line management team.

Procoach™ helps managers (sales managers, front-line supervisors, team leaders, managers, etc.) dramatically improve the consistency of their teams’ sales and/or customer-service performance. This is achieved by managers learning to deploy the performance coaching techniques developed by Prosell during twenty years of working with global blue-chip clients.

The Procoach system is able to produce measurable results in Key Performance Indicators and behaviours of sales/customer care people which impact heavily on sales results and customer service levels.

A typical project will consist of the following steps:

Step 1. Clear Sales Standards: The What and the How

We need a clear sales process and standards on which all managers in the organizations consistently agree. When defining standards it is important to define not only the “what” (what has to be done on an activity level), but also the “how” (in what quality it has to be done). You can do 10 visits a day but what happens in those visits and in what quality will determine the results at the end of the day.

Step 2. Coaching skills for sales managers

After having clarified the expected standards, ProCoach managers will learn how to coach their people and empower them do work in a way that maintains their motivation and enthusiasm. This way managers become internal coaches and champions of the training and will be key in driving change started by the training program. This becomes the guarantee that the program can bring measurable quantitative and qualitative results.

Step 3. Skills development based on agreed standards

Finally the sales / customer service staff will be trained to deliver the expected results; the trainings will build on the agreed standard sales / service process and develop the competencies needed to deliver the KPIs. As a follow up to the training the managers will support the staff via their newly acquired coaching skills to maintain and further drive performance improvement.

Step 4. Measuring and documenting the results.

We measure and track the results of the program based on goals and measurable Key Performance Indicators as defined together with the client in the first step.

Who uses ProCoach™?

Many of the world’s best known companies use Procoach™ such as Comcast, British Telecom or Kraft – read our case studies to find out more.


Our solutions

Complex Programs

  • ProCoach™
  • Coach-the-Coach programs for sales directors and internal coaches
  • Train-the-trainer for internal sales trainers

Sales Effectiveness Diagnosis

  • Sales audit: effectivness audit of sales department, preparation of diagnosis and development proposal
  • Assessment Center / Development Center: setting up of effective sales team

Strategy and “Best Practice” development

  • Creation of the vision of the sales department
  • Development of sales strategy, its breaking down to goals
  • Setting up of sales standards and processes

Development of leadership skills and leadership effectiveness

  • Basic leadership skills: performance-management and coaching
  • “Leadership” training for sales leaders
  • Sales Management Training for Regional Managers
  • Leadership Coaching – individual development

Development of sales team

  • Sales skills development trainings (from beginner’s level to advanced level)
  • Personal effectiveness for salesmen
  • Key Account Manager development
  • Negotiation technics 1. Basic knowledge; 2. Negotiation strategies and tactics
  • Sales Coaching – individual development or training follow-up

Other skills development trainings:

  • SSC communications training (specifically designed for the SSC environments)
  • Customized customer care training
  • Consultative sales
  • Active sales (cold call)