Skills Development

Our approach

Did you know that 80% of resignations are caused by lack of relationship skill in leaders?

Because leading does not only mean assigning tasks to colleagues. Every great leader – whether leading a project, his people, a meeting, presentations or negotiations – has a way of INFLUENCING people. How? Simple, they CONNECT. To connect to others, you need to COMMUNICATE well. It is an art which needs practice.

In our skill-development trainings we focus on enhancing the personal leadership skills that can make anyone an effective leader with or without having a title. Because you don’t need a title to lead).

Our skill development training programs are based on the following principles:

Integrative approach

We don’t follow one major school, instead we integrate several approaches that we find useful. We developed our own methodology and processes, leaving enough freedom and openness for ourselves to work with our clients by always focusing on the needs of the actual situation.

The most important components of our integrative approach: Transactional analysis, Gordon method, Nonviolent Communication, PCM®, MBTI, NLP and other creative techniques.

Applied knowledge

The other cornerstone of our methodological approach is applied knowledge. We believe that training can only be effective if participants can immediately link it to their daily practice. Our trainers have real corporate experience, so we can enrich our trainings with exercises, examples and feedback that makes the theory relevant and applicable.

Sustainable behavioral change

The purpose of a training is mainly to raise the awareness of the participants – Where am I? Where do I want to get to? – and to give tools and motivation for change. In order to support participants in achieving sustainable behavioral change we use coaching methods during and after the training.

Tailor-made approach

During the preparation phase we identify the areas of development in cooperation with our clients and we develop tailor-made trainings. We design our program proposal with theoretical and practical training moduls, workshops and coaching moduls.

We strive to provide continuous high quality to our clients via focusing on the continuous renewal of our trainings – applying new approaches and concepts – as well as investing in our own continuous personal and professional development.

Our solutions

  • Assertive communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Presentation techniques
  • Negotiation skills
  • Meeting moderation
  • Workshop facilitator training
  • Time management and priority management
  • Project management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Stress management