Strategic Partners

Our network of partners is extremely important to us, enabling us to bring together a wider variety of disciplines and provide even better services to our clients.

Dilts Strategy Group

Dilts Strategy Group is a consulting, coaching and training company, with a global network of consultants in more than twenty-five countries. Founded by Robert Dilts and his brother, John Dilts, the purpose of the Dilts Strategy Group (DSG) is to bring together proven business criteria with strategic knowledge and behavioral skills through the Success Factor Modeling™ process in order to support the growth and development of individuals and their organizations on many levels.

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Feldmár Institute

András Feldmár is a key influential figure in contemporary thinking. It is hard to place his discipline on a scientific map, but is on the borderline between psychology and philosophy. One of his key point is that the only one thing we can be certain of today is that we are all going to die. In this respect the most important question that we should ask ourselves is what is going to happen, until the day of our death? Rather asking what is going to happen AFTER we die we should ask is there a life BEFORE we die? If we realise that we haven’t got much time and every minute counts, then perhaps we start seeing things in a different light. We will treat our relatives and friends and subordinates in a different manner. As politician we might think of our mission in a different a manner. In order to facilitate this change in us the Feldmarian approach suggests that we ask ourselves some basic questions such as: Who am I really without all the roles that I act upon? What do I really want? Do I have the power to do it? What should I stop and start doing in this very instance?

In order to be able to think about such questions one needs encouragement, real attention and love. This is the most what a good therapist or a coach can give to his/her clients. The method or school being followed is almost like a secondary question compared to this attitudinal question. This accepting unconditional positive regards is very close to what we call the female principium. What would it be like in a family, company or government body where all the people would healty and in harmony with themselves? With people who free and creative are willing to innovate to do more than the necessary minimum? The Feldmár Institute is currently working on crystallizing this approach and making it available for individuals and organizations alike.

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IT services

Our associate partner for our services that need IT support is “PC-Mágus”.

Style coaching and consulting

Bori Laki is an experienced stylist working with organizations and individuals to help finding their unique image and style the best fits their goals and personal or organizational mission. From sales people to executives she has successfully showed the path to people to dress and use make-up to express their unique personality and communicate better with others.

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Bori Laki +36 30 98 44 088